St. Augustine's Family Services


This device which we have used in some of our Easter services is a representation of the three crosses on Calvary. It is designed to lean against a plain wall, and projects at most about 60cm. - the precise dimension depends on how you arrange the fabric.

The structure is described by the diagrams below. It is mostly of wood. As all except the upper parts of the crosses are hidden by the fabric sheet when installed, not much careful woodwork is necessary. The crosses themselves are painted black for better contrast with a light background; if your walls are dark, you might prefer to change the colour.

The fabric represents the hillside. It need not be creaseless; real hillsides are irregular. Ours was a sandy colour, but you might prefer something else. ( "There is a green hill far away ..." ).

The lamp is ( obviously ) optional. We used it to emphasise the crosses when they were most significant in our service. We used a reading lamp directed at the wall behind the crosses, with a remote switch which could be operated when required. As the wall was not brightly lit most of the time, the effect was quite noticeable. ( Click on the picture for a full-sized version. )

front and side diagrams of the structure.


We used this structure in two of our services :

2006 May