St. Augustine's Family Services


- or, more precisely, eggshells; the idea is to have a hollow egg which contains something to be exhibited at some time. diagram of the construction.

The shells are made of papier maché. Ours were around 20cm shortest diameter and 30cm in length, which turned out to be perhaps rather smaller than ideal ( because it limits the size of the contents ) but worked. They were moulded on balloons, and allowed to set.

When dry, the balloons were removed, and the shells were sawn in half across the longest circular section. A strip of cardboard was glued inside the sawn-off edge of one half so that the halves would fit together again reasonably stably. See the diagram : glue the circular cardboard strip inside the lower half eggshell so that about half of it projects above the shell rim. NOTE that it needn't be a continuous strip; provided that there's enough to hold the top half of the shell firmly in position it will do.

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We used the eggs in one of our services :

2007 September