St. Augustine's Family Services


Well, not really, but after a few years of wondering what to do about the Christmas gifts we made ourselves a set of ( slightly ) impressive containers which we've used since. Our original set included a box for the gold, a jar for the frankincense, and a bottle for the myrrh, all prettied up with gold, blue, and purple paint - these are the first three items in the set of pictures below.

We had no idea whether or not they looked authentic; they worked for our purposes. It saved worry about just what frankincense and myrrh should look like ( - and about where to get hold of a good quantity of gold ... ).

However, we have since learnt that frankincense and myrrh are solid too, so the distinction is not in fact valid. Also, we've added other containers to our collection ( included in the list below ), and we don't worry too much about which we use for what.

Here are pictures; click any for a separate ( probably bigger ) version.


We used the gifts in several of our services :

2009 December