St. Augustine's Family Services


The frame was designed to display a picture so that it was visible from both sides, and to be easy to move when carrying the picture. It must also be easy to attach the picture to the frame. ( It was intended to display a picture carried into the performance. )

We used a light bamboo frame with the picture standing in a shallow horizontal trough and supported, leaning slightly backwards, about two-thirds of the way up by a narrow horizontal bamboo rod. This proved easy to stack, and to pick up and turn round.

The picture below gives the general idea; the backward slope is exaggerated the better to show the construction, and obvious cross-bracing is omitted. The bamboo poles are tied together with string lashings; it is kept reasonably rectangular by two string crossties, visible in the photographs below. Clearly, the picture must be mounted on a reasonably rigid backing. ( Ours was on hardboard. )

Picture of a mainly bamboo framework to support a picture.

The photographs below show the frame in action, with a picture composed of six segments used in the family service of July 2005 :

Line sketch of St Augustine's, made of six vertical strips arranged side by side. It's decorated with paper cutouts of slhouettes of people, added during the service. The same six strips seen from the back, where they show the names of the gifts mentioned in the service.
Line sketch of St Augustine's, decorated with paper cutouts of silhouettes of people, added during the service. The same arrangement seen from the back, showing the names of the gifts.

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We used this structure in at least two of our services :

2009 August