Pictures of St. Augustine's church, Devonport, New Zealand.

If you're looking for pictures of St Augustine, try here.

We are not sure who drew this excellent sketch of the church. It has been around for quite a long time, and for many years was almost St Augustine's trademark.

We don't know who drew it, but some early copies are signed "Proulx".

pencil sketch of church

This sketch was drawn as part of the advertising of one of our very early family services, and continued to be a sort of Family Service badge for many years.

The earliest version had "PUPPETS" instead of "PRAYERS", and didn't have an apostrophe in "AUGUSTINE'S".

cartoon of church, radiating songs, skits, plays, stories,prayers, action, music, and balloons. It is surmounted by a large heading which reads 'ST AUGUSTINE'S

For our Family Service in July 2005 we wanted a sketch of the church. This is it.

( The pale lines marked printing boundaries; each rectangle was printed at A4 size, and the whole stuck together to produce a good-sized picture. )

- and this is what we did with it.
- and we used it again in our Family Service of August 2009, but without slicing it up.

Line drawing of church from north-west.

The big pohutukawa tree in front of the church came down at the end of 2008. In an effort to prepare the hapless congregation for the shock, an over-enthusiastic member doctored the familiar pencil sketch ...

It is perhaps interesting that in order to ensure that the original style was maintained, wherever possible changes were made by copying and pasting fragments selected from the original. The only original drawing appears in the cross and window near the top of the front wall, and in the belfry, which is perhaps the least satisfactory part of the picture - compare the photograph below. ( In the case of the belfry, the artist appears to have been guided more by the sketches above than by the real church ! Some people should get out more ... )

The result appeared on the programme for the 2008 Carol Service. It is not clear that anyone except Stewart Wetherall noticed. Well done, Stewart !

Line drawing modified, with tree removed.

Then the tree was gone. We seemed to have run out of graphic artists, so the next picture was a photograph.

The small bump on the roofline, about two-thirds of the way to the back, is a bird.

It is said that the camera cannot lie - but no one has ever seen the church just like this, without any distracting background or unsightly power lines.

Photograph of church from north-west.

Alan Creak,
2009 August.