St. Augustine's church

Devonport, New Zealand.

Most of the material presented here is taken from a leaflet available in the church. ( PDF copy of the leaflet itself here. ) Much of it describes the church itself, so isn't very useful unless you're there, but some is perhaps of more general interest. You may find it helpful to use the links below to find the information you require.


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part of the Parish of Devonport.

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We invite you to sit for a while, to be at rest, and to read these notes about our church. You may stay for as long as you like.

As you sit quietly in this holy place you may wish to pray for yourself, your family, your friends, or the people who worship here. You might like to use this short prayer :

O Lord and loving Father, bless all who worship here. Pour Your love on all those whom we love, especially .............. , and give them Your peace.         Amen.

At the back of the church you will find a table with a display of booklets and leaflets. These are free; please take a copy of any which you think might be helpful. There is also a bookcase containing our small library; you may borrow a book if you wish. Please write your name in the borrowers' book.

Also at the back of the church is a "Prayer Request" book. You are welcome to write your prayer requests in this book and they will be included in our service on the Sunday indicated in the book.

A member of the congregation is available to answer any questions, offer hospitality, or pray with you if you desire. Please make your wishes known.


The oldest building on the site is the wooden hall behind the church. It has a long and honourable history. It was originally built in 1865 as the second Devonport parish church, on the Church Street site where Holy Trinity church now stands.

In 1885 the new Holy Trinity church was built around the older church, which was then removed and rebuilt behind the church as part of the Sunday School.

In 1906, the parish bought a section in Calliope Road for 125 for a mission hall; this was sold in 1911 for 600, and the present site purchased for 660. The house on this section was moved to the back of the section ( presumably where the Navy tennis court is now ) and sold.

The old 1865 building was then moved to Calliope Road, and used as a mission church for the Stanley Bay Area.

It is recorded that the first service in the Stanley Bay district was held on 25th September 1910, which precedes the arrival of the church.

The new building - or, rather, the old building on the new site - was dedicated on 26th May 1914. It was moved to its present site around 1930, when the new church was built in its place.

The memorial church.

The handsome brick church of St Augustine was erected in 1930, in memory of those who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914 - 1918. It was dedicated on 21st December 1930.

The church was designed in 1929 by W.S.R. Bromfield and is included in the 'Schedule of Protected Items' in the North Shore operative district plan for the Devonport ward.

Worship and organisation.

On 30th September 1924, Stanley Bay became a separate parochial district with the Rev A.M. Niblock as its first vicar. He was succeeded by Canon F.G. Harvey in 1929, and Canon Lush took over in 1930. In 1936, twelve years after the separation took place, the diocesan synod, on the advice of the boundaries committee, decided that St Augustine's district should be reunited with the parish of Holy Trinity. This decision was put into effect when Canon Lush retired at the end of August 1948.

From 1979 to mid-1997 the Royal New Zealand Navy were co-users of St Augustine's, and their chaplains assisted with the Sunday services from 1979 to the end of 1992.

For several years up to 2007, Joy Ministries ( a branch of the Christian Fellowship For Disabled ) used our church for the monthly service of their North Auckland group. In connection with this ministry, there was also a monthly meeting devoted to prayer for Joy Ministries; this continued until the end of 2008.

In July 2008 the Friday Night Gospel Service ministry moved to St. Augustine's from their previous home at St Paul's, Symonds Street, Auckland.


Memorial Plaque, East wall ( left-hand side ) :

This plaque was first placed in the mission church, and moved into the new church in 1931.

Pvt. W.N. Philson25 April 1915.
2nd Lieut. I. O'Neill25 October 1916.
Flt. Sub-Lt. L.H. Brett22 July 1917.
Gnr. R.L. Gribbin11 September 1917.
Pvt. H.M. Ansenne23 March 1918.
Pvt. J.G.W. Parsons21 September 1917.

Memorial Flags, above the plaque :

White EnsignGunner R.L. Gribbinkilled in action, Belgium.
Union JackFlight Sub-Lieut. Leslie Brett, aged 29R.N.A.S. Mudros.

photograph of memorial
The flags in the Sanctuary against the South wall were a gift from the Navy.
Alms Dish, Sanctuary :John William Warwick25 April 1936
Alms Dish stand, Sanctuary :Joan Marston Bowie4 December 1918 - 7 November 1979.
Hymn Boards, South wall : Frank E. Corp

Fred Hooper

World War 1.

26 August 1915

Lectern, SanctuaryBertie and Hilda Woollacott.

Some lectern falls for the seasons of the year were used in the Armed Forces Chapel, Singapore and presented to St Augustine's 1990 - 1991.

Prayer Desk, Sanctuary :Basil Hilton Sergent1901 - 1967.
Bible, Sanctuary :Phyllis Helen Blackburn7 August 1978.
"Pulpit", Sanctuary :Annie Loveday Johnson1984.
 ( The pulpit was removed some years ago, possibly around 1992; the plate is attached to a surviving fragment. )
Sanctuary light :Violet Lily White26 June 1960.
Pew Ends : Charles Edward MolesworthJuly 1935.
 Katherine Marianne MolesworthApril 1936.
 Harold Dunwell Bunby20 December 1936.
 Eva Laura BrettOctober 1936.
 George Arthur Cook21 July 1941.
 May Elizabeth Andrews29 December 1930.
 Louisa Dobbins27 August 1931.
Vestry :Oak "wardrobe" wall unitFrederick Norton Bushell.
 Prayer BookCharles Griffiths FryerOctober 1913
 Communion serviceSt George's, Epsom1928
Memorial Stones ( Outdoors ) : North WallErected 1930 for those who fell in the 1914 - 1918 war.
 West WallPamela Margaret Sinclair22 January 1954 - 28 June 1984.
 Behind the church :Sarah Edith McLennon7 - 9 August 1984


Our regular activities are listed below; special events are listed here.

PLEASE NOTE that this programme marks a significant change from last year's, and will be somewhat experimental for a litle while. We believe it's correct at the moment, but if in doubt refer to INFORMATION below.

Sunday services.

January : No services.
February to December :
 11.00 amAll Sundays except Family Service Sundays

Communion Service ( New Zealand Liturgy; Children's activities in the hall. )

 11.00 am1st Sundays, March to NovemberFamily Service.
 After 11.00 am service1st SundaysSt Augustine's monthly group;


 Prayer meetingMondays11.00 am
 After-school Kids' ClubTuesdays during school terms3.15 - 4.30 pm, March - November
 Open for silent prayerTuesdays7.30-8.30 pm
 Friday Night International Gospel ServiceFridays8.00 pm
 Home groupssee notice board

The church is usually open 10.30am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.


For further information -
VicarRev. Charmaine Braatvedt ( E-mail )445-0378
Assistant priestRev. Chee Keong Yong ( E-mail )445-0348
orGraeme Thomas445-3670

Alan Creak,
2010 January.